Killzone 3: Getting started online

Posted: 2011/04/13 by cubusaddendum in Grey matter, Techniques, Video
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As you might have guessed, I’ve been playing Killzone 3 online a bit since it came out.

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Since some of you will be just cottoning on to the fact that it’s actually rather good (perhaps because you’ve read people talking about it on Twitter, or have been recommended it by a friend), you may have only just bought it and no doubt need a good tip to get you started.

    The basic progression mechanic this:

  • Match scores accumulate XP.
  • XP ranks you up.
  • Rank promotions give you unlocks points.
  • Unlocks points buy you class-specific perks + booty, while Rank promotions unlocks all-class perks.

I’m not going to recommend you a specific game mode to start off, as they’re all good in their own way. I will go so far as to say that Guerilla Warfare is the easiest to understand since it is team deathmatch, BUT there are fewer opportunities to score match points in this mode so consider Warzone or Operations if you are looking to farm XP.

The biggest limiting factor when you start out is that your basic weapon layout for each soldier class is weak. So the first thing you will want to do is unlock some better guns. Since unlock points are few and far between, you should concentrate on one class for the time being, as the top weapon will only be unlockable once you’ve unlocked the previous one. Don’t worry about pistols yet.

Start out as an ENGINEER.

The entry-level Engineer is equipped with the M224-1A LMG and repair tool, which when used in the right combination will have you ranking up in no time.

The repair tool will turn destroyed ammo boxes into working ammo boxes, and every time you repair an ammo box you are awarded points. When you start a new match, none of the ammo boxes will be operational. Start by repairing the ones nearest your team’s main spawn point, then work you way out of the base in a stealthy manner. Remember, you won’t appear on the enemy’s threat detector until you open fire, so for the time being avoid doing so unless your life depends in it.

Once an ammo box is repaired, it is owned by the team that you are on. This is signified by it being lit green while the enemy ammo boxes are lit red. You can however, destroy an enemy ammo boxes with enough fire power, and it just so happens that the light machine gun you have will do it with a nearly-full clip. Don’t stand too close! It’s a box full of explosives after all. Once you’ve destroyed an enemy ammo box, you can then repair it, making it the possession of your team and awarding you points. You can then restore the ammo you just lost destroying it!

Destroy the enemy’s ammo emplacements. Repair them to make them yours. Rinse and repeat.

Since you get match points for complete repairs, it won’t take you long to realize that you could spend an entire game enabling ammo boxes and not directly engaging. This is sometimes known as “teamwork”. There are also many more ammo boxes littered across the maps than just near the bases, so explore. There are also awards for doing the most repairs in a match, plus more ammo your team has access to the more likely they are to win, giving you a 1.5x multiplier to your final match score.

As an additional step, you may wish to unlock the sentry turret perk. A good trick I find is to position one across from an ammo box that your team owns. When an enemy attempts to destroy your ammo box they will most likely stand still and open fire. If you place your turret just right, it can be obscured to their field of view as they enter the area, while giving line of sight to the zone they’re most likely to be standing in when they make their demolition attempt. Your sentry turret kills count as your kills, so don’t be shy with these puppies.

Once you’ve accumulated some unlock points, you can then buy some decent weapons. The Tactician’s M82 and Medic’s M82SE (silenced/burst-mode variant) are very useable weapons and would be my recommendation for the first guns you’ll want to get your hands on.

Here’s a video of someone putting the Tactician’s M82 and recon scanner perk to good effect.

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